Friday, August 12, 2011

Awesome Au Gratin!

Seriously, that's the name - Awesome Au Gratin Potatoes!!  Hard to believe, no?  I certainly had some qualms before trying out the recipe, especially after the broccoli fiasco mistake.

Well, it started off an a high note - I got to use my apple peeler/corer/slicer on the potatoes, making them A BREEZE!

So, the thing about this - other than it's coring my potato, is that it's one continuous whilygig.  That's fine, if you're going for a flat curly-fry, but I was looking for just plan rings, so I sliced down one side of the ring to separate them.  This made peeling/slicing a dream, and I completed 9 potatoes in about as many minutes!
I mixed up the soup and cheese.  Of course, they wanted only 6 oz. of cheddar, but really?  We all know they come in 8 oz bags, and who doesn't love cheese?!  I amped up that puppy and put in the whole bag.  No big whoop, just the way it goes!

Then I laid it out in my biggest pyrex, because this was way more potato than Thomas and I could finish in three meals, let alone one!

Again with the cheese?  I just put down a layer, didn't measure out the one ounce!

After an hour of baking, this is what my dish looked like.  Quite yummy, but I wanted more cheese.  (Quelle surprise!)  So, I went ahead and added another light layer of the parmesan.  What could it really hurt?

This is after an hour and 15 minutes.  Definitely done, and flippin' amazing!

Just pair with your favorite steak and salad, and enjoy!!

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