Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pan Roasted Chicken and Veg

Time for something a little more healthy, eh?

For starters, here's the recipe.  I'd hate to forget the springboard that might have inspired this dish.

So then, start with a veritable ton of vegetables.  These are a bunch from my garden, plus some store bought, to really fill you up.  I didn't have a big enough bowl to stir them all in, so I decided to mix them up in the wok.

While I waka-ed it up like Fozzie Bear, I connived convinced Thomas to cut, season, and bread the chicken.  He understands that I HATE (yes, really, HATE) touching raw meat, and to speed up the process, it was much easier for him to do it.  Otherwise, it would be me, with my two pinching finger (on only one hand) "ew"ing and "gross"ing the whole time.  MUCH quicker this way.

We used a combo of Panko and Italian seasoned bread crumbs for the chicken.  Thomas also used paprika, s & p, and probably other spices we had in the house as well.

Back to the vegetables....

Once they're all cut, (roughly the same size), you're supposed to layer them in your stoneware pan.  I did.

Three times!

Okay, maybe I really wanted more vegetables than I had room for.  Thomas swore it would be okay...
Then he had about three times as much chicken, and layered that almost twice on the vegetables!

It's time for a bigger pan, me-thinks!

So, now we have five layers of veg and meat and we're still trying to stick to the directions on the recipe as much as possible.

Didn't work.  Should have just wok-ed the veg and baked the chicken.  It took way too long, and by the time we ate, I didn't even want it any more!  :(
However, it was healthy, and pretty, and a very filling meal!

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