Sunday, January 15, 2012

{White Girl} Turkey Enchiladas

  Okay, so remember that one time when I made white girl tamales, and people made fun of me for not using any Masa?  Whatever, I can't be so easily persuaded.  My BFFL, Heidi, found this recipe, complete with Weight Watchers points yesterday, and I had to try it IMMEDIATELY. Yesterday was one of those days where my hubs was away on business, so I knew I could try anything in the kitchen, and amazingly, this was perfect!  Plus, it had the added bonus of being only five ingredients, which I knew to be kismet.  Anything that doesn't need a lot of money or effort is always a bonus in my book!

So, as you can see, your five ingredients are
1 lb ground turkey
1, 10oz enchilada sauce
1, 8 oz tomato sauce (I love the new Rotel sauce with chili flavor)
1 pkg of Mexican cheese shreds
1 pkg of Pilsbury biscuits

Now, you can get low fat/light in almost all of these ingredients.

However, I went to Target where that wasn't an option.  Oh well, I guess I'll take one for the team!!  But, if you could get all low fat (and not use as much cheese) you can get it down to 5 WW points per serving, at least according to the old points scale.  Now it could be 500, for all I know.

Steps: 1. Brown the turkey (drain as necessary).
2. Cut your biscuits into quarters.  Like our new over the burner cutting board?  Makes life in the limited counter space kitchen super simple.

 3. Add enchilada sauce and tomato sauce to your turkey meat.  (I also added some taco seasoning and onion flakes, but that would make this 7 ingredients, so pretend I didn't, if that suits you.)
4. Stir in your quartered biscuits then dump into a casserole dish.  (I'm using my DCB, because we know I love it!) I also put about half the bag of cheese in at this point to spread the love.
5. Next, bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
6. Add rest of cheese on top and bake for an additional 5 minutes.
7. Let set for 5 minutes, then dig in before anyone else can!

Gooey, bread-y, cheesy, and delicious-y!!

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