Thursday, May 19, 2011

Introducing... Thirsty Thursday!

Sorry for the absence, I was a bit waylaid by some out-of-town guests and then a vicious head cold.  However, one of my visitors, my Aunt Mary, inspired me for a (semi) regular segment around here – Thirsty Thursday!   Here was the combined inspiration of last weekend…

I love Marieta’s, the best Mexican restaurant within two miles of my house!  Actually, it’s one of my favorite restaurants that I’ve found while living here (so far), be it Mexican or otherwise.  And their margaritas, well, they’re the freshest, least hangover-est margaritas I’ve ever had…bonus!

Since I’ve alluded to one beverage in this blog already (what?  We did??  Quick, scroll back if you don’t believe me), I figured out start there, and move on as I can.  Aunt Mary has already promised to teach me her world famous Bloody Mary recipe, so that’s a start.  Plus, I’m sure I’ll find at least one new recipe to try a month that we’ll love.

So, back to Mother’s Day/Father-in-Law’s birthday.  Remember this?  It was yummy.  In fact, the punch was a slightly tweaked Paula Deen recipe that Thomas found online.  Once we had realized that we had a lot more watermelon than we knew what to do with, Thomas started researching some recipes to make a refreshing punch.  We already had enough supplies for mimosas, so we needed something a little different.  (Still confused about what I’m referring to?  It’s in the watermelon in the top right corner of the picture.)


We connived convinced our best man, Manfred, to cut the lovely design in the top of the watermelon.  Thomas followed the recipe for the punch, MINUS the simple syrup.  The reviews online all said that the syrup made it too sweet, and then we ladled and enjoyed.

If it were up to me, we would have used this as a base for watermelon martinis, and maybe kicked up the tartness with more lemonade concentrate, but I love tart drinks, so that might just be me.  That being said, it’s summer, it’s refreshing, and any vehicle for alcohol is generally acceptable, and it’s even great without any booze.


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