Friday, May 6, 2011

The Cheat

Okay, for Cinco de Mayo, I cheated.  To be fair, I did create a Pampered Chef recipe...  But to be honest, it's a recipe I've done before with a few different mutations.  I made the (in)famous Taco Ring.  I've made it before with spinach artichoke dip, or with artichoke jalepeno dip - both of which were pre-made and store bought for my convenience.  The point is that I made a form of Mexican food for a Mexican holiday, and since it was the second time we've had Mexican food in four days, I figured it was okay to cheat.

I took my own pictures this time.  While they are never as pretty as the ones online, I can at least claim them as my own.  There are as authentic and imperfect as I am, and they're from my own honest-to-goodness, unfaked, 100% real, messy kitchen.

So, of course I browned the meat, using my mix and chop (which I've had forever and adore).   I then flayd my cresent rolls and distributed the seasoned ground beef with peppers and then topped with cheese.  I pulled the sides in to create an oval wreath.  Had I had a nice round stone, I would have totally made a perfect circle.  Instead, I improvised!

After 22 minutes, the meal was ready.  I served it up with lettuce, salsa, and guacamole.  It wasn't fancy, but it was quick and delicious.  And, since I was just eating the leftover chicken breast from my 30 minute chicken night for lunch, I probably could have eaten the whole ring by myself.  
As it stands, there are no leftovers, but I certainly had some help to polish it off!

All in all, some good eats.  Happy eating!

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  1. Looks delicious! Lovin' your blog, girlfriend!