Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Pot, Meal in a Skillet

Hello, everyone.  I'd like to start this evening by introducing myself.  My name is Jessica, and I am a fan of one-pot dishes.

I know that they are uninspired, and generally predictable.  In fact, even Thomas was unimpressed by this meal.  Not because it wasn't enjoyable, mind you, but because it was everything in a pot all at the same time, and he's used to seeing these meals come out of my kitchen.  (hehe, my kitchen...  I couldn't even pretend to hold that title in our house!)

Regardless, I always look for a flavorful recipe when doing a one-pot dish.  Otherwise, you could be burdened with a whole pot of bland.  Also?  As an added bonus?  You can usually score tons of leftovers with a one pot dish, so you don't want to be riddled with bland lunches for the week.

The Tweaks: 
* I didn't have any Cheddar soup, so I used cream of chicken.
* Also, I added bell peppers and a can of Rotel (with the juice), both of which I had on hand.
* I replaced the instant rice with Jasmine rice, which we always have in the house.  This changed my timing because it wasn't instant rice, so I had to add water twice to ensure that the rice was cooked through.  If I had broth, I would have used that instead.  Oh well.  I'm a firm believer in going with what's on hand whenever possible.
* I probably also used way more cheese than the recipe called for due to 1) lack of cheddar soup, 2) I'm from the Midwest... extra cheese is a given
* The other given - fajita seasoning.  It's a great, all around flavor for chicken.  As of late, if there's any chicken to be prepped in the house, it has fajita seasoning thrown in for good measure.

The Verdict:  
This was an extremely easy week night meal to make.  I would have taken more pictures, but it was truly so easy that I forgot to take photos along the way.  Don't let the lack of pretty pictures, or the idea of a one-pot dish scare you.  I'd definitely give this one a thumbs up, and Thomas agreed, too. That being said, as a follow up to my broccoli chicken braid, it was unimpressive in its presentation.  It's a little give and take, they can't all be braided nights, but we can always have good food!

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