Monday, June 6, 2011

Reading Comprehension

Reading strategies?  Sure thing.  How to comprehend what you're reading?  You betcha!  Blazing scores on standardized tests?  Say ya to da UP, eh!  Me following directions?  Yeah...  not so much.

I've made the taco ring.  That was pretty straight up.  I get it: make a sun and tuck it in.  No big whoop.  However, when I read the directions for the Chicken & Broccoli Braid, I seriously scratched my head.  I kept reading and re-reading the recipe thinking that I had surely missed something.  Then, I thought to get my cookbook with the photos in it.  Fair enough.  Generally, I can get the jist from a picture and not worry too much about it.

Even an image search with other make at home types wan't cutting it.  In the end, I just had to fake it. I rolled it out, cut it, re-rolled the middle, stuffed and braided.
 The stuffing itself was an easy mash up.  I added more chicken, broccoli, and cheese.  No dill in the house, but used some Fajita Seasoning since we do have that (in abundance). 
As you can see, I used way more stuffing than was physically possible for a pretty braid.  Didn't stop me from trying.  (Oh, and as a random side note, I stopped and gave pause to all of the crescent roll containers I have been going through as of late.  Maybe it's due to my recent trip?)
Or maybe it's because they're buttery goodness makes everything taste better!

Regardless, it's been a blast using crescent rolls in so many recipes as of late.  I even have more that I might try this week.  I like how versitile they are. 

The "braiding" was the easy part, just pull the dough half way, twisting somewhere before they ends meet each other in the middle.  Alternate sides to make it look authentic.  As I once described braiding in college (to a boy, of course) it's kind of like playing double dutch, just keep moving end over end!  Anyway, I braided up, baked, and this was awesome even as leftovers, and believe me (even though I had to fight my husband for them), there were leftovers! 

added bonus: even though the broccoli wasn't pre-cooked, it didn't taste too "raw."  LOVED IT!  Oh, and perhaps I omitted the almonds because we didn't have any in the house... 
You gotta fake it until you make it!

Bon Appetit!

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