Saturday, December 10, 2011

Taste of Sweetness Saturday: Chocolate Crinkles

Truth?  I've never made truffles.  There's something about the chocolate gooey experience that doesn't appeal to me.  I liken it to making meatloaf: it's something that I enjoy but don't want to touch in the unfinished stages.  Sure, you can call me a wimp, but it doesn't change anything about the way I'm feeling!!

Well, I thought I'd try to make Chocolate Crinkles last year, not realizing how truffle-like they really were.  It's a recipe that takes time, you get extremely chocolatey, and you produce very few cookies for the effort.

Worth it?  Absolutely.  Especially if you know, or are married to, a chocolate lover like I am.  The recipe I followed can be found here.  It claims to make 3 dozen, but I was pressed to make two, and they're small any way.  Regardless, give them a try.  They really are a taste of sweetness.

Now, this year?  Have I mentioned my party for 200 at work called Cookies with Santa??  We're in the midst of making 64+ dozen cookies for the event.  I wanted to make something similar to crinkles, but I was hoping for something a bit less...messy.  Luckily, now I have assistants that can do the work that bothers me, and I can just reap the rewards!

This year, I decided to turn to the Brown Eyed Baker.  A cousin of a college friend who has served as my inspiration a few times in the kitchen.  If she can come up with Irish Car Bomb cupcakes, she has my vote of confidence!  So, I picked her Better Than Brownies Chocolate Cookies and they are amazing!  The only thing I took from my Crinkles recipe was to roll the cookies in powdered sugar before baking them.  They look almost the same, but the recipe makes a ton, they grow exponentially in the oven, and they are sinfully heaven.

Truth? You could choose either recipe for a decadent chocolate cookie.  They're both awesome.  However, I think the Better Than Brownies are easier, and I like that the decadence is just as great as the crinkles.  Give them both a try.  You won't regret either, I swear!
I cooked them on parchment to ensure they wouldn't stick.  I didn't want to use any grease on these.
Worked like a charm!

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