Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This idea is completely stolen.  Completely.  Yes, I find recipes all the time, but really?  This one goes back to when I was a kid.    My aunt does Thanksgiving better than anyone I've ever met.  I hate missing it.  EVER.  That's why today is awful when I'm so far away.

However?  Making this craft at work the other day brought me back to my childhood.  With 7 siblings, my mom's side of the family has a huge Thanksgiving feast.  More turkeys, bread rolls, and pies than you could every hope to count or eat in one sitting.  That's why three to four hours later we're at it again.  And it ROCKS.  Seriously.  What I remember from being little, however, is making turkeys out of cookies the night before.  I remember my aunts working hard to prep for Thanksgiving dinner and us kids needing something to do.  So one of them came up with this, or found it from somewhere.  Regardless, it has stuck with me through the decades, and when I was looking for a craft project, it's the first thing that went through my head.  I just Googled the rest to figure out how I could recreate the memories...

Enough shmoop.  On with the scoop!

First, you'll need some ingredients:

per bird...
Oreo cookies (2)
Chocolate Frosting (<1 tsp)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (1)
Caramel Candy Corn (1)
Standard Candy Corns (4-6)
White Sprinkles (2)

First, you'll need to flatten one edge of one of your Oreos as well as as one edge of your PB cup.  this isn't strictly necessary, however it'll help your process.

Next, place a dab of frosting on those flattened edges to adhere them to your base Oreo. Then, use a dab under the caramel candy corn for your head/beak.
 Next up comes the feathers.  You can scoop some frosting into the cookie to help them stick, or you can ever so gently push the tips of the corns into the Oreo filling.  The Oreo cracks extremely easy, so you need to be careful with this step.

Then, a little frosting to adhere your sprinkles, and use that dab that's left on your finger for the pupils (as one 6 year old told me yesterday!).

You can also use orange frosting for feet or legs, but I didn't want to buy for such a small group of turkeys!

Also?  Just when you think you have it figured out?  Someone goes and shows you up.  I received this from one of our vendors within hours of making my turkeys.  Unbelievable!!

Super cute though, right?  Just use a ginger snap, peanut butter cookie, jelly beans, a full sized PB cup, candy corns, black sprinkles, and white frosting.  This seems to be way more time consuming than the ones I made, but I was making mine with children 6 and under.  We're far more basic!!

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