Saturday, November 5, 2011

Taste of Sweetness Saturday: Pirate Cupcakes

Happy Post-Halloween, everyone!  Are you not over the sugar rush yet??  If you still have a little tolerance for sweetness, here's a fun, easy treat that is sure to shiver your timbers!

First, make your favorite cupcake recipe.  I chose to make some Chocolate Diet Coke Cupcakes.  Some of my co-workers didn't know what that was.  Just pick a boxed mix, and instead of any other ingredients (other than the powder), mix with a can of Diet Coke/Pepsi/Rite/etc.  If you're making a lighter colored cake (like yellow), then use a Diet Sprite or other diet clear colored soda.  Don't ask me why it works, but it does, and it cuts out oil, butter, eggs, etc.  I was lacking those ingredients, so this worked out perfectly.

To make a pirate, you'll only need a few additional ingredients.  Could be more, depending on how talented you are, or how elaborate you'd like to be, but since I was neither at the time, it was basic.

First - the face.  You need an appropriate colored face depending on the country of origin for your pirate.  We had a buttercream frosting, so I made white-ish pirates.  It could happen.

For the head scarf and mouth, just use a fruit roll up.  I got the fruit by the foot, doubled it over and tied it in a simple tie.  Whatever broke off became the mouth.  No biggie.

For the eyes, choose an appropriate colored eye, and then a brown one for the patch.  Some people use M&Ms and Junior Mints for the patch, I just used the M&Ms for both.  The less ingredients, the better.
Next, you need to connect the patch and make a pupil.  Brown would probably work best here, but I only had purple.  You make do with what you have.  Most kids aren't that particular, and if they are, then they obviously don't need my cupcakes.

Finally, my favorite part - the stubble!  Pirates just don't shave the way they used to, so grab some chocolate sprinkles and let your creativity shine through!
Did you hear about this handsome devil's new pirate movie?  It's rated ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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