Monday, March 26, 2012

Another "cheater" dessert - HELLO, SUMMER!!

I really like doing as little work as possible in the kitchen.  We all know this by now, right?  Good, then I feel less guilty when talking about the dessert I served for a 9 adult (+1 child) party last week.  Thomas did the grilling, and some of the heftier cooking, but when I came up with dessert ideas, he shot them down repeatedly.  No cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies, etc.

He wanted something "light."

 So, when he suggested fruit kebabs, I thought we could do one better - Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs!

Ingredients (for 9 bob kebabs):
27 Fresh Strawberries
2 Enteman's Butter Loaf (or any pound/angel food cake)
1 stick of butter
9 skewers
Assorted garnishes (we used fresh cream, mint, red gel, shaved dark chocolate and Tequila Rose)
 First, trim down your cake into easily cubed shapes.  We made four long rectangles from the two cakes.  Next, lightly brush melted butter over all sides of your cake.

Then, grill (in or outdoors) briefly to create your hatch marks on every side. On medium-high heat, it goes very quickly, so don't walk away!!

Then, clean your strawberries and remove the stems (should you so choose).  Cube your cakes.  Then, alternate strawberries and cakes on your kebab skewers

The most time consuming part of this entire process was plating it up to the boss' standard.  I actually let him do it for fear of messing it up.  He had originally wanted to serve our bottle of chocolate wine with it, but we also had Tequila Rose, and I thought that would be more fun.

Everyone enjoyed, and it looks like you worked hard, when really you're just assembling some one else's hard work!

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