Saturday, October 22, 2011

Taste of Sweetness Saturday: Easiest Cookies EVER!!

Okay, so I know I did a chocolate chip cookie post before...  And not that long ago, either!  However, I was doing a little research for work, and was looking at corporate recipes.  It happens...

So, I was super excited to find a recipe that involved only two (or more) ingredients.  I know that pre-made cookie dough can have that odd chemically taste, but check this out, I swear, it's awesome!!

First, you take your premade cookie dough.  Any brand or flavor will do, although the corporate site told me that Nestles Tollhouse cookies were the best.  Maybe so, but generic is cheaper.  C'est la vie!

My dough came in 12 chunks.  Divide them in half, and roll them into balls.

Then, lightly press the dough balls giggles lightly into min muffin cups.

Then bake to the minimum that your dough tells you to cook.  It took mine about 12 minutes.
As soon as I took them out of the oven, I used the tip of my teaspon to lightly press the middles back down.  They have puffed up a bit during baking, and I wanted a nice little cup.

As the cookies start to cool (only about a minute) they will naturally fall back down, I just wanted to make sure they still made a divot.
Then, use some flavor of chips.  I used peanut butter, but there are tons of chips out there - butterscotch, dark chocolate, mint, white chocolate, pb/chocolate mixed, white/milk chocolate swirls...  just use your imagination.  Fill up each cookie with as many chips as you'd like.  I ended up using half of my bag of chips on 24 cookies.  Just like when you make PB Blossoms, it's helpful to do this while the cookie is hot.  This way the chips start to melt together, while the top ones still retain their shape if left untouched.
Also, I'm super excited to try this recipe during the holidays.  Yum!!
Just grab your milk and enjoy!!

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