Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's beer... it's bread... it's Beer Bread!

You know I love being honest about things.  What do I have to hide from the interwebs, right?  Right.  Well, I am a Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef, and I LOVE their gadgets, gizmos, and all around make-life-easier-nabobs.  They also sell, however, mixes, sauces, and rubs.  These are phenomenal, and one of our favorites at home is the Beer Bread Mix.  My biggest problem, however, is spending $10.50 on a side dish for two meals.

I don't often make beer bread, but when I do,
I choose Dos Equis.
That being said, I've found/concocted a recipe for beer bread that will only cost you about a quarter of that every time, and it's every bit as tasty!

First of all there is only four ingredients:
1. Bottle of Beer
2. 3 cups of Self Rising Flour
3. 1/2 cup of sugar (or I do 1/4 cup of Splenda sugar blend)

Mix all of these ingredients together.  Make sure you incorporate all of the dry ingredients.  The dough will be lumpy, but it should be moist.

Next, the secret ingredient:
Butter.  Yes, that's right, butter.  (It's always the secret ingredient, I don't know how anyone could be surprised!)

I melt one stick of butter, and after I have placed the dough in a well greased, non-stick pan, I pour the melted butter on top.

Then I stick it in the oven, just like that.
375 degrees for 55 minutes.

  I take the bread out after it's a nice golden brown all over.  It's this crispy, butter crust that really makes people fall in love with the bread.  It has a bit of a sweetness, from the sugar, but it's the butteriness that people come back for, I promise.

Let the bread cool 10-15 minutes, that makes it easier to cut.  Flop it out of the pan and on to a cutting board when you're ready.  We use the electric carver to make clean, clear cuts in our house, but you can just use a regular bread knife, if you're talented like that.

Oh yeah, it's amazing!  Serve with butter, applesauce, or whatever you'd like.  It's even great plain.  Just be careful, you'll get addicted, and self rising flour is about $4.50 a bag.  You can also make your own (I've been told) with getting yeast and regular flour, but I haven't experimented that far yet.  Either way, get out there and enjoy - your bread is getting cold!

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