Friday, July 8, 2011

A-side from the Obvious...

What the what?  I made a side dish?!?  Oh yeah!!  I found a recipe this week for Peperonata.
Thomas claims this dish is like ratatouille, but without the zucchini.  Since I've only seen the Disney movie, I have no basis for comparison.  There were no rats in the kitchen, I promise.  The other part about this recipe that surprised me was the tomatoes.  I'm not a fan, unless they're cooked, but I figured since the recipe calls for them diced, they would be negligible.  Sweetness.  I started with the tomatoes, since it's the part I dreaded most.  I used more huller (which is now part of the core and more), and this mess was actually a breeze.  I then used my nicer dicer to, well, dice them, and I was ready to roll!
Luckily, I still had some basil in the house from my crusty pasta, and I bought three packages of peppers (a red and a yellow per package), but I also had a pepper in the fridge that needed to be used, so there were a walloping seven peppers harmed in making this dish, in addition to the whole package of Roma tomatoes...

I followed the recipe pretty closely.  I only used half of an onion (I had already used the other half), and I used Italian seasoning mix instead of dried oregano.  Either way, it all worked out.  I had to upgrade the pan I was originally using, but I probably should have started with my stir-fry wok anyway.  The dish was easy to make, and Thomas worked on the grill and making the rice, so the night was a piece of cake for me!

Don't mind the screen, it's been very warm this week, and we needed the airflow.  No lights going in this household!  As you can see, Thomas grilled a whole chicken, made Jasmine rice (with some of my peperonata juice and tomato boullion), and I contributed the peppers.  I can't wait until my garden peppers are big enough so I can make this all out of my garden.  AWESOME!

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