Friday, July 1, 2011

Recipe to Share

For my mom's Pampered Chef party, we made A LOT of food.  My mother has seven siblings, and I think she still cooks for a family of 10, laying heavily on boys at a 6 to 4 ratio.  We prepared food for 12 guests, but probably could have easily served 25.    My mother also has a plethora of cookbooks.  Every year she gets rid of a bunch, but they multiply like rabbits left to their own devices.  She's currently into smaller cookbooks, like the yearly magazine sized ones.  Unfortunately, the one I took this recipe from doesn't seem to have an online equivalent, so, thanks for the patience!

I wasn't in the room when she was prepping this dish, since I had my own to make, however I can tell you she did add extra salt and pepper to make it to my taste, and the parsley was far more chopped in her dish than in the cook book's picture!  For the chicken, mom just bought a roaster from the grocery store and chopped it up.  Delish!!

As you can see, it's served in one of mom's (and dad's least) favorite "cabbage leaf" bowls.

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