Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini S'more Cups!

Okay, what better way to celebrate summer than with S'mores, right?

Problem #1: The mess - although, yes, you can argue that's part of the fun.
Problem #2: The fire - unless you have a gas stove or a great lighter, it gets tiring to roast all of those marshmallows!
Problem #3: You might start to feel guilty once you've eaten 3, 4, or 8 depending on who you are.

All problems: solved with s'more cups!

First of all, I love that you start with the same basic ingredients.  The only things you're adding is a little powered sugar and some melted butter.  I do have to pause for an editorial note: see the marshmallows?  This new thing is that they're flat, and easier to stack.  I don't want flat marshmallows, and if I was actually roasting them on a stick, I'd like them even less!  However, the store was sold out of everything else (except the minis) over the Fourth of July weekend, so I was stuck with the stackers.  (yuck.)

It was super easy to ground up the graham crackers and mix in the powered sugar and butter.  I put about a half + teaspoon of the mixture in each of my mini muffin cups, and pressed them down with my mini tart shaper.  Then I toasted them to solidify/warm it up.  They didn't brown too much, but I wasn't really patient enough for them to brown, either, so it is what it is.  The nice thing about these warm cups, however, was it made the chocolate soft almost immediately when I added those squares to each cup.

Then, to make sure they were going to be gooey enough, when I placed the (halved) marshmallows on top, I pushed them down a bit, in order to make sure that chocolate goodness was spread around the entire cup!
Then you put them back in the oven, just a moment, to soften/puff up the marshmallows.  After two minutes, I tried to put on the boiler to crisp them a bit, but nothing really happened.  Maybe if they had been right underneath it they might have browned, but I didn't want to push it, or make it rubbery in my electric (double yuck) oven.  I'll take what I can get, especially if the food tastes great!

After these sat for about 10 minutes, I melted the rest of the chocolate and drizzled it on top.  You can put the chocolate on however you'd like, but I love drizzling chocolate whenever possible.  Two bars of chocolate is A LOT to drizzle, but I didn't want to skimp.  It's a little heavier than it decoratively should be, but when we're talking about chocolate, how could we go wrong?!

Let the chocolate set before serving, then enjoy.  The weather was too warm for the chocolate to set here (even after three hours), but darn was it good!! 

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