Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Quick and Sleazy Edition

The Horny Goat!

This week is just as quick and sleazy as one could hope - a Horny Goat.  I don't name them, I just share them.  This is another recipe(*ish) from my (bloody) Aunt Mary.  See why we love when she comes to visit??  The information she departs is truly invaluable!

Today, we are taking equal parts of a "lemon lime" carbonated beverage (Sprite Zero) and cranberry juice (Diet Ocean Spray).  I filled half the glass with ice, then about two-thirds with this concoction, and then I topped it off with a citrus rum and Caribbean rum (equal parts).  The first time I made it, I did half alcohol and half non-alcohol and Thomas claimed it was too strong.  The original recipe also didn't ask for Malibu, just Limon, but when you have both, why not try it?!

Well, ladies and gents, it's five o'clock in the East Coast, so here's a cheers to you, and to the rest of you as you make your way home from work and on to the couch to kick off the mini-weekend.  For those of you on Summer Break (lucky ducks), start drinking now, and save a little for us to join in on the weekend!


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